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Playing the Beethoven Piano Sonatas     Amadeus Press  

Editions researched and prepared

Beethoven Piano Sonatas (complete): researched and prepared new edition of the 32 Piano Sonatas                         Schirmer Performance Editions (a subsidiary of Hal Leonard Corporation)

Beethoven Triple Concerto in C major, Op. 56 for Violin, Cello, and Piano   International Music Company

Shostakovich Piano Trio in E minor, Op. 67   International Music Company


Periodical articles

Beethoven, His Hands, and His Feet The International Journal of Musicology, Vol.7, 2000 (Peter Lang: Europäischer Verlag der Wissenschaften.)

Beethoven The Institute Letter, Institute for Advanced Study, Spring 1996

An Appreciation of Milton’s Piano Music SONUS - Milton Babbitt: A 75th Birthday Celebration, Vol. 13, No.1, Fall 1992

The Art of Pedaling Keyboard (“Masterclass” section) Serialized in 3 issues:  Nov.1988, Dec.1988, Jan.1989

The Autograph of the First Movement of Beethoven’s Piano Trio Op.70 no.1 "GhostPrinceton Journal of the Arts and Sciences, Vol.1, No.2, Fall 1977,  pp.78-103